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Taptivity DOO

Our story begins in July 2021 in the Science and Technology Park in Belgrade. It was here where our founders met each other. Mia and Maksim were participating in the entrepreneurial boot camp ParkUp. Students were developing their ideas in groups, and we, as the SportUp team, came up with an innovative solution in the field of Sport tech applications through joint work. We are gathered around the vision to build a large Taptivity sports community. We want to provide you with a place where you will be able to find your sports teammate and realize sports activity. You will always have support for the development of healthier and better habits!

Our Team

Accomplishments and support


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  • Student entrepreneurial boot camp

  • 1st place - July 2021

Raising Starts

  • Memorandum of Cooperation between Republic of Serbia and the Switzerland participants 

  • March 2022 - present


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  • Business accelerator program

  • Finalists - December 2021

Founder Institute

  • Participants of the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator

  • October 2022 - present

Danube cup

  • International Pitch Competition

  • Semi-finalists - May 2022

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